Monday, March 17, 2008

Gute Reisen Roald Amundsen!

"Gute Reisen", the German equivalent of Bon Voyage or Slán Abhaile, is my message to the crew of the sail training ship Roald Amundsen as she sails towards Ostend, Belgium on her way home to Germany after surviving last week's severe weather off the southern coast of Ireland.

Unfortunately my camera was not to hand this lunchtime as Roald Amundsen passed the town of Cobh on it's way out to sea but it is to be hoped that they will have a much more pleasant journey than their trip here from Lisbon last week. While the weather will include winds of up to Force 6 tonight it will still be much less than the Hurricane force 12 they experienced 7 or 8 days ago. After a brief stay at Ostend, Roald Amundsen will soon be rolling home to her homeport of Eckernförde in Germany's Western Baltic, close to that country's border with Denmark.

We wish them a safe voyage.


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Anonymous said...

Thanks for caring and your farewells - and hope to welcome you on deck next autumn when the Roald Amundsen will head to Cobh again.

Ulli Dorn, part of the Crew on Land for the Brig Roald Amundsen