Sunday, May 27, 2007

Cobh Maritime Song Festival 1 - 7th June 2007

The Cobh Maritime Song Festival is back again this year and will run from Friday 1st to Thursday 7th June 2007 in the Cork Harbour town. There will be musical acts from Ireland, Poland, the United States, France and England and among the guests will be Sharon Shannon and Declan O'Rourke from Ireland, Banana Boat from Poland and Dan Miller & Bob Conroy from the USA.

The festival will also coincide with the South of Ireland Pipe Band Festival also being held in Cobh and the annual visit to the Cobh Farmers Market of Breton and other continental stalls selling their exotic produce.

for further details go to the Cobh Maritime Song Festival's homepage

Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Argentinian tall ship to drop Cork visit

I was disappointed to hear (via Tom McSweeney's Seascapes on RTE Radio 1) that the Argentinian tall ship Libertad (liberty) is not now to visit Cork next month as planned because of the low ESB cables near the Cross-River Ferry at Carrigaloe-Glenbrook. The same reason was given for Cork's failure to land the prestigious Tall Ships Race which we hosted so memorably and successfully in 1991.

The Libertad is visiting Ireland to mark the 150th anniversary of the death of Admiral William Brown, founder of the Argentinian Navy who was born in Foxford, Co. Mayo in 1777 and died in Argentina on 3rd Marcy 1857.

So while Cork has one of the best ports in Europe for hosting such sailing vessels pure bad planning and lack of foresight means that ships with very high masts can't safely get beyond the lower harbour. Isn't about time that this problem was sorted out?

Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Cork-Swansea freight service hits the rocks after six weeks

Remember I covered the story about how the Cork-Swansea car ferry had been withdrawn after they failed to find a suitable replacement for the m.v. Superferry? That was last January. Then in April of this year (2007) I reported that at least they had managed to set up a temporary freight service until the car ferry could be reinstated.

Well it turned out to be more temporary than even I thought because the new service was withdrawn on May 15th after just seven weeks in operation. The temporary replacement and freight-only vessel, m.v. Victoria was simply not up to scratch and they ran into a load of other difficulties.

It only proves my contention that the maritime industry in this country is the cinderella industry and that Ireland continues to turn its back on the sea.