Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Cork-Swansea freight service hits the rocks after six weeks

Remember I covered the story about how the Cork-Swansea car ferry had been withdrawn after they failed to find a suitable replacement for the m.v. Superferry? That was last January. Then in April of this year (2007) I reported that at least they had managed to set up a temporary freight service until the car ferry could be reinstated.

Well it turned out to be more temporary than even I thought because the new service was withdrawn on May 15th after just seven weeks in operation. The temporary replacement and freight-only vessel, m.v. Victoria was simply not up to scratch and they ran into a load of other difficulties.

It only proves my contention that the maritime industry in this country is the cinderella industry and that Ireland continues to turn its back on the sea.

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Anonymous said...

Hello, nice to hear about the Swansea-Cork ferry situation.